• T/M FILMS is a film production company based in Paris, France, founded by Tatiana Kachoutina and Christian Lambert with the idea of offering necessary tools and support to emerging filmmakers. It was set up as a logical follow-up to their collaboration on feature film shootings and on various projects with Cinéma Numérique Ambulant (CNA), a network of associations managing projection units in 9 countries in West and Central Africa.
    Tatiana Kachoutina is in charge of the company's animation department. She also deals with the formalities required for the shooting of feature-length films in France and provides administrative support.
    Christian Lambert has been a production manager on feature films for over 25 years (films by Jacques Rivette, Otar Iosseliani, Sophie Fillières, Bruno Dumont, Christophe Honoré, Philippe Lacôte, Apolline Traoré and others), and has considerable expertise in setting up feature film shootings in Europe, in the Mediterranean countries and in Africa.

    Christian Lambert
    Tatiana Kachoutina