10'. Directed by Vasily Chirkov. Norway, France. In progress

    A gunshot in the distance. The sound echoes. White petals fall down on the black ground like cut-out paper souls. Lots and lots of grief around. The road runs under the wheels. Home is far away now. I can come back there only in my memories. These memories smell like a cardboard box, in which apples were stored, on a wooden veranda warmed by the sun. I am an alien here and now. I can read it on the walls of the city and in the eyes of the passers-by. The wind is howling, sweeping leaves on the ground. It looks like I am one of these leaves. More than a year already. I’m still thinking about the poetry of ordinary things that help to survive during the war. А white cloud is reflected in the water, giving hope and consolation.


    6'. Directed by Vasily Chirkov. France, Canada, Russia. 2022

    A house, a garden and an old rusty basin, and the wind - everything has its mystery and its soul. This is how children feel. “A white-white day” tries to paint the magic of this feeling.

    45th ISFF Clermont-Ferrand (France) - Short Film Market Picks label. Black Movie Film Festival (Switzerland) - Payot Black Movie for Kids Jury Special Mention. 27th Open Festival of Animated Film in Suzdal (Russia) - Critics' prize. 16th Big Cartoon Festival (Russia) - best professional animated film. Sapporo ISFF (Japan). Plein la bobine (France). 24th Belo Horizonte ISFF (Brazil) 28th Encounters Film Festival (UK). Animadeba (Spain). 18th Seoul Independent Animation Festival (Korea). Providence Children's Film Festival (USA). Chilemonos IAF (Chili)


    25'. Directed by Penelope Nailluje. France, UK. 2018

    Surviving on the fringes of a dystopian society, Edna hides her sister's existence from outside world visitors. Struggling with the remnants of their failed Rousseauist upbringing, Edna and Rose-Joy merge into the ruins of the post-May '68 Cevennes hippy dream. Rose-Joy, deeply unstable, opposes Edna's departure, who wants to leave in search of their missing brother.


    8'. Directed by Boureima Nabaloum. France, Burkina Faso. 2016

    The inhabitants of a poor bloc unite to build a bridge which would allow them to access to the benefits of the city center. A leader imposes himself. As the construction moves on, a battle must begin. The people against the dictatorship, for the democracy. The film is part of IVM's international programme "Passages, transitional spces for the 21st-century city"

    CNC Quality Prize. 39th ISFF Clermont Ferrand - African perspectives (France). 27th ISFF Sao Paolo (Brazil). 9th FFF Angoulême (France). 16th festival Off courts Trouville (France). 36th FIFAM Amiens (France). 39th FFC Grenoble (France). 20th festival Ecrans Noirs Yaoundé (Cameroon). 12th Festival Ciné Droit Libre Ouagadougou - Panorama (Burkina Faso). 27th Festival Cinema Africano Asia et America Latina Milan (Italy). Animated cinema crossroads 2016 - Animation and politics (Forum des images de Paris, France). Afrykamera 2017 (Poland). 5th Human Rights IFF (Nepal)